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Cloud Managed Guest Wifi

MediaTrix First Wifi

Our cloud-based platform enables easy internet access for your guests, real time customer engagement, and a suite of marketing tools and reports. In addition, our networking tools allow you to manage your wireless estate across multiple sites and hardware types, ensuring you have complete control.


The Admin Portal at the heart of our platform is an easy-to-use management tool that gives you the ability to choose how your guests or visitors access the Internet and informs you precisely what is happening on your network.

Software Feature


Create bespoke portals and landing pages that are unique to your brand.


Create your own dedicated dashboard per brand and/or location to give an overall view of your guest’s activity.

Monetisation Options

Control over charges for WiFi and any limits required on duration and bandwidth

Guest Engagement

Engage with your guests when they’re at your venue with Injection Jet technology, email, SMS and guest surveys

Bandwidth & Network Management

Ensure all guests and visitors have the same satisfying experience

Personal Area Networks

Each guest has their own private network that follows them from venue to venue


Authenticate using multiple methods; voucher login and using the hotel’s property management system.

Secure Guest Access

Provide easy on-boarding of your guest without compromising security.

Location Based Services

Use location analytics to get a better insight where your guests are trigger actions alerts based on user movements


Give your customer a more personalized experience by using targeted marketing campaigns.

Social Login

A way for visitors to log in using their favourite social network, traditional form, or membership number

Advanced Networking

Conference manager to easily set up network names and define conference zones
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Admin and Reporting

At the heart of the solution is the cloud-based admin and reporting dashboard. Customers are given full control over the guest WiFi service and can view detailed reports about both the guest activity, demographic data, plus network performance reports.

Injection Jets

Banners, menus, icons, videos, and links that appear in the browser as the guest is online and surfing the internet.

Location Tracking

Guests can be tracked around your venue and have targeted messages sent to them depending on their location.

Email & SMS

After a guest has authenticated onto the network, email and SMS messages can be sent directly to the guest welcoming them to the hotel.

Branded portal pages

The login pages that guest see when they connect to the WiFi provide an opportunity to showcase the hotel brand.


Guests can be directed to satisfaction surveys that are created in the WiFi management dashboard.

URL redirects

Redirect guests as they login to any webpage. This can include pages detailing hotel promotions and services, third-party advertising or sponsored pages.


The data collected during login can be exported via the API. By integrating with marketing platforms, CRM, PMS, and guest engagement apps, triggered actions can occur such as sending welcome emails, notifying staff when guests arrive, or personalising marketing communications. The data can also be integrated with analytics platforms to provide a more complete view of the business performance metrics.


Hotel Home Experience

Our latest service, which allows each guest to have their own private WiFi network that follows them from hotel to hotel no matter where in the world they travel. This unique solution opens up possibilities for guests to securely connect to other hotel and personal devices that were unreachable on traditional guest WiFi networks.

After their first login, guests can choose their own personal SSID that they can connect to at any hotel in the group. Once connected to the in-room WiFi, the Personal Area Network is deployed providing the guest with the ability to interact with other hotel devices such as the smart TV. Just like at home, guests can now stream their personal content, such as movies, or their holiday snaps, to the biggest screen in the room.

Persional Area Network - For Apartment and Housing

WiFi is an essential utility, like heat or hot water and property owners can use a quality WiFi to make their buildings more competitive and more desirable to prospective tenants. Our solution, designed for the private rental sector, includes all of the hospitality features and allows property managers to take control of the building’s connectivity. Airangel provide both the fiber connectivity and the tools to easily manage the WiFi network.

Residents have connectivity and their own private network from day one; building managers have options to easily upgrade internet packages and available bandwidth in just a few clicks. Genisys’s reporting dashboard enables you to track and bill each unit based on their selected package. This is a unique way for landlords to resell their WLAN investment, at a much lower cost than ISPs.

Event Manager

With the event manager tool, event organisers can offer secure and encrypted WIFi that is simple to administer. SSIDs can be personalised for specific events and can provide monetisation options. Multiple conferences and events can be catered for, each having their own private network allocated to their own rooms, halls and zones. The bandwidth can be set to accommodate the number of expected users ensuring a consistent quality of service for all attendees.


Login pages, custom SSIDs, and URL redirects can be created and allocated to each event, providing sponsorship opportunities where 3rd parties or event organisers can promote their brand and content.