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Caravan Park Wifi

Holiday Parks & Campsites

At MediaTrix, we pride ourselves on offering the best customer service to our customers and their guests. We offer 7 day a week support. Even on bank holidays for you and your guests to get in touch with us. Our friendly team will be there to answer all your queries and ensure your customers have a great experience on your park WiFi. But it’s not just our support that our customers choose us for, we are continually monitoring your system behind the scenes so that if a problem arises, we get working on it right away before it affects your guests. More times than often, if there is a problem then we know about it before you do. This allows us to rectify issues remotely before anyone notices there is one.

Common WiFi Queries

We offer a range of purchase options to suit all budgets so you can offer guests great WiFi without having to spend a fortune to get it.There are also government grants available to areas with poor broadband
You can arrange a time with our professional installation team to install the WiFi for you or, we have our easy self install kits for smaller parks so they can simply fit the WiFi to their existing infrastructure following our easy guide.
Unmatched by any of our competitors, our WiFi warranty will cover you for any problems you could encounter with the system in the first 12 months of having it.
75% of businesses say they now consider wireless access to be “important” or “very important” to their business.
No park is too small for WiFi, just ask your guests! Our purchase options make it more affordable for smaller parks to buy WiFi and upgrade it whilst our self install kits also allow smaller parks to save on pricey installation costs.
If your location has poor or no broadband, we will install broadband lines to improve the speeds to your area to ensure you get a better WiFi signal.
If you’re in a profit-share with your current provider then we can replace your system free of charge. Alternatively, if you’re suffering from poor or no support, extortionate management fees.
Ensure you offer a separate guest network to keep your business safe from illegal downloads and indecent material being accessed.

Getting Great WiFi couldn’t be easier…

Our Promise to you

12 month WiFi warranty

Unmatched by any of our competitors, our warranty covers your WiFi system for any problems for a full 12 months.

Friendly WiFi approved

Friendly WiFi ensures indecent or illegal content is filtered from public WiFi so it’s safe for children to use.

Camping Connect guarantee

For as long as you have a system with us, we’ll be here to support it for you.