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CCTV Rental

Why not rent a CCTV Solution?

An attractive alternative to buying a CCTV solution is RENTAL.


  •   No major capital outlay of funds
  •   No additional costs
  •   No repair bills
  •   Latest equipment available
  •   Termination of contract at any time
  •   Option to purchase at any time


Recording of temporary trouble spots or localised activity. Public events such as festivals and trade shows. Monitoring of a development / construction project Schools, Colleges & Universities (Monitoring of exams rooms).Short term monitoring of manufacturing production processes.Workplace theft



Sporting Events

Music Festivals

Outdoor Events



Traffic Management

Portable CCTV Security for Events

  • MediaTrix CCTVs redeployable CCTV systems are ideal as temporary security systems for major public events, offering a solution for public safety, traffic management and information gathering.
  • MediaTrix CCTVs redeployable CCTV systems can been deployed to provide short-term surveillance at major demonstrations, rallies and music festivals.
  • The systems provide remote access to live and recorded images which can be viewed in an existing or temporary CCTV control room, while remote operatives can also have access to the video streams via mobile devices (iPad, iPhone and laptop).
  • MediaTrix CCTV Events Security packages can be provided on a sale or rental basis.


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